How to tell when someone is covertly hypnotized?

When you’re using covert hypnosis is is good to know what to look for when someone is in a trance so that you know that your hypnosis is actually working.

So with that in mind here are some trance signals that we have been told to look out for by The Academy of Hypnotherapy:

Trance Signal 1

Now, the first thing you can look out for is pupil dilation. If you look at people’s pupils, the black centre of their eyes, as they go into a trance and begin to relax and feel more comfortable around you, you’ll notice a tendency for the pupils to dilate, become larger.

Now, of course, this will change according to the environment. So if it’s a bright sunny day you’ll get less pupil dilation than in a quiet, intimate atmosphere. It’s just the nature of the way light reacts with the eyes.

Trance Signal 2

Another thing you can look out for when someone is in a trance due to covert hypnosis is slowing down of the pulse. Now before you ask yourself, “How am I supposed to find out the pulse without touching their wrist and even finding it?”

Well there are certain points on the body where the blood vessels actually come very close to the skin. And you can actually see the pulse ticking away.

One such place is the side of the neck.

With a lot of people, and not necessarily everyone and not necessarily all of the time, but with a lot of people, if you watch the side of their neck, you can actually watch the pulse ticking regularly.

Which means you can see the pulse speeding up, and slowing down.

Now, whilst the pulse is usually slower in trance, sometimes the fact that it’s speeding up can also be a suggestion that they’re going into a hypnotic state.

And the reason for this has to do with: ‘What are you communicating?’

If you are communicating things to do with excitement, or danger, well then it’s appropriate for the pulse to speed up, because they are responding to your communication.

And I hope you understand what I mean by that.

Another place that you can see a pulse is on the ankle.

A lot of times there’s a vein that crosses the ankle bone itself, particularly easy to spot in ladies who are wearing skirts.

Of course, with every person that you meet, you may find other areas where the pulse is just naturally more obvious.

Trance Signal 3

Another ‘giveaway’ sign that your subject is in a covert hypnosis trance is a change in the pattern of breathing.

Again, typically this will be a slower pattern of breathing. But sometimes, even when they’re relaxing, their breathing will speed up.

So when you’re looking for the change of breathing, what you’re really being aware of is: ‘Are they breathing at a different rate to the way they normally breathe?’

If they are, they’re in an altered state, because breathing is directly linked to people’s state of mind.

Now, before you go off and stare directly at people’s chests, especially if you’re looking at a woman’s chest, that kind of thing is going to get you into trouble.

So, to be able to spot someone’s breathing without having to be obvious about it, again use your peripheral vision. Use your expanded sense of awareness, and look out of the corner of your eye.

Now the eye can see the rising and fall of the chest out of the corner of your eye.

Other places you can look is the rising and falling of people’s shoulders; because as they breathe in, and their rib cage lifts, their shoulders will have a tendency to lift as well.

Trance Signal 4

Another sign that people are entering into a hypnotic trance is that their facial features begin to smooth out, as the muscles underlying the face itself begin to relax.

As a rule, people’s faces will tend to become more symmetrical as well. If you look at a person’s face straight-on, you’ll notice that a lot of times there’s a sort of dissymmetry; the left side and the right side of the face will very rarely match on people.

But as they tend to go into trance, there tends to be a smoothing out as the face becomes more balanced.

Trance Signal 5

Something you will have spotted already, if you’ve done the exercise, is that people’s attention is absorbed.

That means you can see things like their eyes are fixed on one point in space, maybe their eyes begin to glaze over slightly – there tends to be no movement in the eyes.

These are all good signs that the other person’s attention has been fixated, which means they are beginning to go into a trance.