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postheadericon Can I drive my car after an auto collision?

Naturally, the first thing that most drivers plan to do after an auto collision is to drive home. But, driving home can be a challenge, especially if your car sustains significant damage. Although you might think that it’s safe to drive your car, it might have sustained more damage than you see. And even if your car can move, it can be damaged to the extent that it poses a serious risk to yourself and other road users. 

Therefore, it’s important to inspect your car for any signs of damage to find out whether it’s safe and legal to drive. Fortunately, there are a few basic parts and areas of your car to check before towing your car to auto body repair Raleigh

Here are some of the things to look for after an auto collision

Lights (headlights, blinkers, and tail lights)

Broken lights are very common after an auto collision. Driving with broken lights is not only dangerous, but it’s also a serious traffic violation, which can make you receive a ticket. 

Leaking fluids

When you check beneath your car and see that it’s leaking transmission fluid or oil, chances are you cannot drive your car very far. This is an indication that you should seek the services of a tow truck. 

Tire damage

As it goes, you cannot drive a car with a flat tire. However, any signs of tire damage can be an indication that the wheels have a problem. If any of your wheels are bent, you will need more than a spare tire to drive your car. 

A damaged or cracked windshield

A damaged or cracked windshield can impair your vision, and that’s why it’s considered too dangerous to drive with such a windshield. Even if the crack is too small, it can grow with time, thus causing further visual impairment. And, if the cracking is significant, you can be pulled over for a ticket in some states. 

Loose parts on your car

When you notice that your car has loose parts or the parts look like they might fall off, chances are these parts will fall off when driving. This can lead to more damage to your car, and even put other road users in danger. And, even if you can remove these parts before driving, doing so the wrong way can lead to additional damage when you start driving. 

Frame damage

Although you can drive your car with a bent frame if the damage isn’t significant, your frame can be sharp, cracked, or jagged. Apart from being lethal if they come into contact with your body or another vehicle, a damaged frame can damage other parts of the car while driving. Therefore, if the frame damage is significant, you might need to tow your car. 


According to The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards No. 111, all vehicles must have at least one rearview mirror to prevent injuries caused by obstructed vision. So, if your mirrors are damaged to the extent that you cannot use them, don’t attempt to drive your car until they are replaced. 

Bent hoods

A bent or smashed hood can impair your vision while driving. So, if you cannot see beyond your hood after an auto collision, don’t drive your car because it’s not safe. Moreover, it can be a challenge to remove your hood—you can even cause more damage to your car when you attempt to do so. So, a tow might be required, depending on the degree of damage. 

License plate

All vehicles must have a visible license plate for them to be driven. So, if your license plate has fallen off or is damaged as a result of the collision, considered prominently displaying or replacing it before driving your car. 

Bottom Line

Auto collisions often damage vehicles more than we can think or see on the initial inspection. So, if an expert from collision repair Raleigh, NC doesn’t repair the car right away, driving it can lead to more serious damage, which can be costly to repair. 

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